This website was produced as part of the B20 work stream on beneficial ownership transparency, in association with The B Team’s Beneficial Ownership Transparency Working Group. It is produced and managed by Bank of Montreal, Deloitte, The B Team and Thomson Reuters.


At the start of 2015 in the wake of the adoption of the G20’s adoption of High-Level Beneficial Ownership Transparency Principles in November 2014, the B20 Anti-Corruption Task Force beneficial ownership transparency work stream decided to initiate a program of work to engage business in discussions on how to practically implement beneficial ownership transparency.

The leaders of the work stream Bank of Montreal, Deloitte, The B Team and Thomson Reuters have hosted seven workshops – in Paris (June 2015), Nairobi (December 2015), Delhi (December 2015), New York (March 2016), Beijing (April 2016), London (May 2016), Dubai (October 2016) and Marrakech (April 2017). More than 250 companies participated in these discussions and workshops, which focused on how they currently ascertained and used beneficial ownership information, existing challenges, potential solutions and best practices.
The workshops surfaced examples of leadership in beneficial ownership transparency, and a strong desire for harmonized global regulation, and public registers of beneficial ownership information that business could easily access. There was significant discussion of key challenges including date quality, verification and enforcement.

Companies also demanded more information about what they could do.  This website seeks to do that, by providing guidance on what companies can do, and by offering examples from leaders in this space.

DISCLAIMERS: While this website does provide information on what governments have already done on beneficial ownership transparency we are only able to update this once every six months. This website in no way represents any form of legal or financial advice.


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